My Week #8

I haven't done this post for a while now, i have recently been super busy on Sundays especially so there has been no time for blogging and that's why my blogging has lacked.

Its been super sunny here in England recently and every evening we have had salad,meat and potatoes out in the sunshine and its been so lovely. I have also had loads and loads of homework to do and later in the evenings i have just wanted to relax.
I have been enjoying watching a tv series called 'The Bridge' its amazing!! Its basically like a murder/crime scene sort of thing, its just amazing, not something i normally enjoy but i haven't been able to stop watching it. I finished series 1 (10 episodes) in just 8 days and i ordered series 2 the other day and received it in the post and cannot wait to watch it!
I have also tided my wardrobe up and done a 'spring clean'. I put my super thick jumpers away and got out my summer dresses and skirts, and my wardrobe now looks lovely and colourful.
Last night i went to the 'fake festival'. It was insane and i had so much fun! The fake festival is made up of tribute bands. I was lucky enough to see two of my favourite bands ever, Coldplay and The Artic Monkeys Tribute bands and they sounded so identical it was brilliant!
Today i have spent moving my room round again because i cant stop doing it,hah. i just love tidying it all up, clearing out and having a tidy room after.

Hope you have all had a lovely week.
Lots of Love,