Percy & Reed Super Glossing Mask

I have recently fallen in love with Percy & Reed. Their products were being sold in tk maxx and were a lot cheaper than they would have been if brought in space nk. So, i picked up this brilliantly beautiful super glossing mask. This cost me just £4.99 and would have been £19.99.

I just love the packaging on all of the percy and reed products. They just look so sleek and amazing!
This is essentially a hair mask that you use on wet hair in the shower and you leave it on your hair. You're told to leave it on your hair for 3-5 minutes after shampooing and then follow with conditioner. It claims to add amazing shine to your hair. All percy and reed products smell amazing and this one didn't let me down. The blackcurrant and almond oil scent is clear throughout it and i love it. It is also supposed to leave your hair feeling soft and give it extra strength.

However, i am totally mixed on what i think of this product. The smell is amazing, but i shouldn't judge it on that. My only problem with this is how it makes your hair feel when its on.
I don't know if im doing something wrong, i don't think i am. It just feels very false, that probably makes no sense. But at least whenever its on your hair i don t think it feels particularly fabulous. As soon as i wash it off my hair does feel super soft and lovely and glossy but i don't like to touch my hair when its on because it feels very strange, in my opinion.

Lots of Love,