Review: Percy & Reed Quintessential Quick Fix


In TK Maxx ages ago i brought this set of six little products from Percy and reed. I had a conditioner of sample from Percy and reed in a glamour magazine and loved it. I wanted to buy the full size, looked on the website and realised that Percy and reed was a very expensive brand that's sold in space and k and big department stores. Each of these samples are £5 each. All of these products smell absolutely amazing and i am in love with them all!

  • Bodifying Cream - THIS IS AMAZING! I now have the full size of this, oops! You apply this on wet hair and it gives you volume in your hair, it makes your hair just a lot nicer. It gives your hair a bit more 'oomph'. This a light cream which gives your hair a glossy finish too.
  • Texturising Spray - I also have the full size of this as well, oops again! This is awesome though and i really love it. This is a spray which smells amazing. This gives you texture, volume and hold. Its a bit like a beach wave spray which i adore. You also spray this on wet hair.
  • Finishing Polish - This is also so so good!! This cream gives you a soft, flexible hold which moisturises your hair. I use it to control my frizz in my hair and it works so well. It gets rid of flyaways in your hair and just give you more controlled hair.

  • Dry Shampoo - I am a huge batiste fan so when i got this dry shampoo i wasn't too sure what i would think. Its a lot heavier than the batiste dry shampoo but i guess that  would be obvious as its a lot pricier! I do like this but i only use it when i feel batiste isn't quite working for me. The smell of this is however delicious!!
  • Dry conditioner - I had no idea that dry conditioner even existed so when i got this i was super excited to try it out. I use it after using the dry shampoo to get a fine, humidity resistant, natural look in my hair with a bit of volume too. Another positive about these two products is that they are colourless so don't leave you with grey areas from the dry shampoo.
  • Hairspray - This is the product i have used the least out of the six. When i have used it though i found the hold was magnificent, it doesn't leave you with stiff parts of your hair and it comes out really easily so your hair still feels natural and soft and not as if hairspray is on it.

Overall i am really impressed with these products and i cannot express my love for them enough. The only negative is that i now want to try every single one of their products and have them all but that will not be good for my bank as they are very pricey products!!

Lots of Love,