Trial Thursday #3 Charles Worthington Shine Booster Part 1

I haven't done a trial Thursday post in what seems like forever! But recently i brought something which i thought would just be perfect for this style of post.
If you have never seen a trial Thursday post on blog check the previous ones out here!
Its basically where i try a product out for a week and then tell you all what i thought.

I brought this from home bargains a so excited to try it!!
Charles Worthington is a middle of the range highstreet brand. I have never tried anything from the brand before so im very excited!
This is a salon at home kit, and it contains 3 treatments inside. They had many kits when i brought them but i chose the shine booster kit as i felt my hair would benefit from it.

This claims to do a lot! t is said to boost colour radiance with incredible shine and makes your hair noticeably healthier which are very bold statements to make, but if they are true that will be fabulous!! It also is said to leave your hair softer and smoother which is absolutely brilliant!!
The results are said to be long lasting as well!

There are three steps to achieving this.
1 - Use the shine glaze for 10 minutes when your hair is wet and then use the shower caps provided to let the oils work into your hair. Then wash it out for 1 minute with warm water.
2 - Use the shine boosting shampoo as normal using warm water then wash out.
3 - Use the shine boosting conditioner and leave on your hair for 2 minutes then wash out using cold water to lock in the shine.

These are the items that come inside the kit. There is a set of instructions and information booklet included too! There are 4 set of shower caps included as well which is fabulous!
I have looked online everywhere to find this for sale, but i cant!
I think this product was released in 2011, so next time i go to home bargains, i will stock up if i like this incase i cant get it anywhere else.
This product is recommended for use once every week, so the second part of this post will most probably be up in 2 weeks time.

Lots of Love,