My Week #10

I've actually had such a wonderful week and have loved every minute of it! The sun has been shining and ive been getting outside and enjoying the most of it.
Ive re found my love for strawberries and have literally been having them with most foods and eating them daily with my cereal in the morning,hah. I just love summer so so much!
It was sports day on Friday at my school and that was a lot of fun, sitting in the sun eating ice cream with the most wonderful friends made it super fun and lovely!
On Saturday, i went to Bristol with my bestest friends, we went to watch the fault in our stars. I read the book ages ago and didn't shed a tear, but my goodness the film has ruined me. It was so so good and literally THE best film i've ever seen, but i cried so so much, go and see it! After we went to nandos and enjoyed masses of food that was so super yummy!
Today i have spent the day in the garden, relaxing doing homework and went to take my nans dog for a walk in the park. Ive had a great week and wish i could just replay it over and over!!