My Week #11


This week has been super eventful and i have been super busy!
The weather here has been super sunny recently so my evenings and afternoons have been spent relaxing in the garden reading magazines and listening to music which is my idea of heaven.
On Friday i went to my bestest friends tom house before going to watch the year 11 prom  with all of my besties, it was so so much fun and i loved looking at all the gorgeous dresses.
This weekend i planned to return the photo wall back into my room. I took it down a while ago because i thought my desk area was getting to crowded and messy. So i took it down. But i missed it and i wanted it back, so i printed off another load of pictures, most of them are recent photos which is lovely. Today i cut them all out and put them all back on my wall and i think it looks lovely and i don't ever want to take it down again!!
This afternoon my dad surprised me with the most gorgeous item from cath Kidston. I want to write a post on it soon with pictures so i don't want to spoil it, but it was super cute and i cant wait to share it with you all! This week has been lovely and i wish i could re-do it all over again!