Real Techniques Core Collection Review

I have had my eye on these brushes ever since i brought my real techniques expert face brush. However after finding some cheaper alternatives on ebay (read full review here ) £20 seemed a lot of money to spend on an extra 4 brushes that i didn't really need. But they were being stocked in my local Tk Maxx and were just £15, so i grabbed them as i knew i wouldn't find them cheaper anywhere else and now im reviewing them for you all after trying them all out for over two months.

So, i was super excited when i brought these and have loved using them all loads. The only negative point from purchasing these is that i now want to buy every brush by real techniques and they aren't cheap! I have been a HUGE fan of Sam & Nic (creators of these brushes) since watching their youtube channel tutorials so trying their products was a must!!

The brushes come in this handy little travel case that also turns into a stand so that you can leave them to dry after washing them, super cool.
The core collection contains four brushes
  • Detailer Brush - Ideal for concealing problem areas or for lipstick
  • Pointed Foundation Brush - To use with liquid foundation
  • Buffing Brush - For use with powder, for full coverage
  • Contour Brush - Designed to delicately apply contour and highlight powder.


I have loved using all of these, but i already have my favourites!!
The buffing brush is my new favourite brush ever, i use it for liquid foundation and it applies so well giving it a flawless finish, i love it! The contour brush is also fab but doesn't blend as well, it just applies the product but doesn't allow much blending so you need to be careful with how much you apply to the brush itself. I have never like foundation brushes so i wasn't expecting anything big from this, and i was disappointed with this brush. Its so small and thin it doesn't feel like its applying anything or doing a good job. Im just not a fan of foundation brushes. This last little brush has been great for applying concealer and blending it in, i love it!

Lots of Love,