Review : Derma V10 Mascara

The other day while i was browsing savers i saw this mascara and i picked it up to have a look. I was intrigued by all the promises it made and with such a little price tag i had to try it.

I'm extremely fussy when it comes to mascara, i never just use one at a time, i use at least two to get the look i want. I have never found a mascara that gives volume, length and lasts all day until now!
This mascara was just £1.50 when i brought it and i have looked for the rrp online but cant find it anywhere! This wand is flexible and is designed to give you volume and length. I think parts of the wand are different. One part the bristles are close together and short, then the other side there a lot longer and further apart.

The wand also bends quite easily, not too much so you worry it will snap, but it bends slightly to give you a lovely curve. When applied it doesn't clump, it just gives you longer more voluminous lashes.

I absolutely love this mascara and i have been using it loads! It gives length instantly and if two coats are applied one after the other volume is given too.

I also think the design of the mascara is pretty amazing. I love the packaging, its quite unique but i love the metallic finish to it. I am extremely pleased with this mascara and my only complaint would be that it doesn't give you a lot of volume straight at the roots of your lashes, but maybe that's gained with a bit more experience and use of the flexible wand.

Have you tried the Derma V10 Mascara?
Lots of Love,