Review | Garnier Moisture Match Hydrating Gel

I had received samples of all of the garnier moisture match range ages ago but i had never tried them. When i was in boots a few weeks back, i saw the whole range on offer, reduced to £3. The range consists of about 5 moisture match products each claiming to do completely different things. I hadn't tried the samples so i decided to spend a good 10 minutes comparing them all and working out which one i was going to purchase. The others were all creams but this was a gel. I decided to get the gel as i have so many other creams, im so pleased with this and definitely made the right decision!!

This product is a 'revitalising hydrating gel' and it basically wakes your skin up and leaves it feel so fresh and awake. I adore the smell, its got a peachy, citrusy smell and its so amazing!!
I use this before my moisturising some mornings and then others i use it just on its own. Its absolutely amazing for summer as it really does just awaken your skin and leave it feeling so fresh even in the heat of summer. It's a perfect pick-me-up gel and gives my skin a radiance boost, i love it!! It also lasts a long time too, which is brilliant and boots the moisture in your skin!