Trial Thursday #3 Charles Worthington Shine Booster Part 2

I normally the first part of the trial Thursday post and then the second a week later. But for this product, i have left it a lot longer because i wanted to give it a fair trial.
You can read the first part of this review here where i explain what it claims to do.

So, this is an 'at home kit'  containing a glaze, shampoo and conditioner. Your meant to use it weekly for about 6 weeks and you will supposedly have 'shiner hair' but in a good way, not greasy just a natural radiance and healthier look.

I'm mixed with my final opinion on this product. I really like it, the results aren't obvious for the price and its a lot of work every week, but it does work well and smells amazing!!

The shine glaze was my least favourite product, but it gave the best results. I mainly didn't like this because you had to leave it on your hair for 10 minutes in a shower cap, although that doesn't sound like a long time, it really is and seems to drag on for ages. However, it smells AMAZING and makes your hair super super soft and look radiant!!

The shampoo and conditioner in my opinion were nothing special and i preferred my herbal essences ones. Having to repeat this every week was also a bit of a chore that didn't show amazing results instantly like i pictured in my head. For the large price tag of £21.99 i don't think this will be  a repurchase for me, i did enjoy it but it was just so much effort. I like showers to be quick and short especially in the summer, and this didn't help that at all!!

Lots of Love,