Favourite Parts of My Room #3

This post needed an update as i hadn't done one in so long!! So, here is an updated favourite parts of my room, to check out the other ones look under the 'bedroom' tag in the search bar.

This is my make up draws that sit on top of my chest of draws next to my tv. Ontop i have my gorgeous make up brush holder containing all of my brushes along with the cutest little draws from Tk Maxx with some of my favourite barry m polishes.

On my windowsill i have these beautiful fake flowers from dunelm, because i cant afford to be purchasing a new bunch every week. I have them in a little glass bottle and this stands on two little plates with little flowers on them.

I love sitting over on my little chair in my bedroom in the corner and next to it i have my small little table. Ontop of this i have another set of fake flowers with a selction of books. I have 'what i wore today', 'blog inc' and 'the girls book of glamour'.
I also have a glass bottle of hand cream and my digital photo slideshow frame.

On top of my beauty draws i have a little glass heart shaped container with my most worn earrings inside. I also have my liberty print lamp next to my small beaded elephant from South Africa. These all stand on a mouse mat that i covered with floral fabric.


On the walls next to my bed i have a number of things. I have two shelves containing lots of books and just below them i have my pin board. On this i have many pictures, quotes and tickets from events and concerts. I love this board!
On the other wall i have a canvas my friend made for me along with three photo hearts i made myself a while ago. I love having lots of photos in my bedroom as they bring back memories.