Moisturising Routine -July 2014

I havent realy spoken about these two products im going to share with you now much before on my blog. But i thought because they are such important products in my daily routine they needed a post entirely dedicated to them. I have noticed such a difference in my skin after using these moisturisers. Its important to


Nivea Light Moisturising Day Cream
I use this every single morning before applying my make up to give my a moisturised base to work with. This moisturiser moisturises and protects my skin as it has spf 15 in it. It honestly leaves my skin feeling so fresh,soft and refreshed. This is ideal for normal to combination skin types as it is very light, but enough to feel it working. It leaves my skin feeling so healthy and  moisturised. This is due to the vitamin e, lotus extract and hydra IQ. Because of all these extrats and vitamins it restores your skins natural balance. This all sounds super technical, but basically its a light moisturiser that leaves your skin feeling soft, fresh and healthy while protecting it from the sun.

Nivea Regenerating Night Cream
I use this moisturiser before bed. Its a lot heavier than the day cream, obviously not in weight hah, but it just feels heavier and thicker on your face but still soaks in super quickly. I have both the regenerating and the rich regenerating night creams. The rich version is just a thicker version of the other one. However they both do very similar things. They both provide intensive moisture and leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and looking refreshed in the morning. I love using this night moisturiser as you can feel it moisturising your face and it looks so much better and fresh.