Motivational Monday #7

I recently stumbled across some gorgeous free people quotes on pintrest. I then looked on their website and found loads more, i was obsessed! I printed many of them off and put them on my wall next to my desk. The quotes are so beautifully written and each quote image has a completely different meaning and can always be related to your life, so for this weeks motivational Monday i have chosen my favourite.

My Free People Quote Collection

This weeks quote is super simple. 'Don't look back you're not going that way'.
Its true though, lots of things happen in our lives, things that we don't necessarily want to happen and they can break us down. For me personally i've had lots of things like this that have taken me a while to get over, because i keep revisting them and thinking about them.
Now i know the best thing to do is to leave them in the past, forget about them and move on.
Obviously still remember the memories and what happened, but treat it as a memory and don't stress. This quote sort of summarises this point using 8 simple words. Its important to focus more on whats going to happen in the future and be positive, rather than looking back over the past and analysising everything and the choices that you made. I have decided now to focus on my future, think of the good things that will hopefully happen and leave the past behind me, its easier that way and this removes the bad thoughts and negativity from your life. Sounds easy huh?
Seriously though, this quote is awesome so remember to focus on the future, don't forget what happened in the past because it has made you who you are today. Don't overthink things that occurred in the past, have positive thoughts and move on.