My Week #12

This week has been another super busy one and i literally haven't stopped.
Ive been doing so many different things each day and its been so nice! On top of school and endless amounts of homework i have decided to sort my desk out. I did my photo wall again last week, and added some adorable, positive quotes from free people to another side to my wall where my desk is which i think look really cute! In the middle of the week it was my mum and dads anniversary so we went out for a delicious meal and saw the sunset and it was so lovely!!
I went shopping with my mum and brought a few items that i will hopefully be sharing soon! I popped into waitrose to buy one of their hot chocolates to take away, it was insane! Seriously good. I had the cream and marshmallows too because a hot chocolate cannot be complete without them right? It was soo good and i think i may have started a new addiction.
Then this weekend, hence the late post, it was my dads birthday and i managed to do a quick summer shoot for my blog with my sister. I have put  'sneak preview' in this collage but i will post all of the photos along with lists of clothes worn, wear to buy them, prices and alternatives if they are no longer available so watch out for that. At my dads party we watched the tennis final and ate a lot of yummy food. I was on the bbq which was so much fun hah!!