My Week #13

I feel like i am saying this every week now, but this week has been so busy and so good!
This week was my work experience week, where i got the chance to choose somewhere to work for a week and experience what it is really like. I chose to work in my primary school as a teacher is a possible career option for me that i wanted to consider. I went with my friend alex and we had such a great week! I worked in year 2 so 6 and 7 year olds and they were all so cute and i didn't want to leave! I also loved having lunch breaks, it was nice to have a bit of freedom! Talking of lunch breaks, one lunch break i went into town and got my phone out to notice my bottle of water had leaked in my bag and gone everywhere. My phone wouldn't turn on due to the water inside of it, i tried the battery in it but i knew when it was vibrtating constantly the wires were broken. At the time my ipod touch was fine, when i got home that also broke due to the water inside! So my mum and dad were so kind and purchased me a new phone along with a new ipod touch 5th generation which i was over the moon about and so grateful! So, most of the week i have spent on that enjoying it!
The suns also been out a lot too so after school we have had barbeques outside in the sunshine and i have enjoyed spending some quality time with my family outside in the garden.
This week has been so lovely and i have enjoyed every minute!