My Week #14

This week has again been amazing and loads of fun! It was the last week of term, so school was easy and lessons just involved parties or watching films. I am so pleased its the end of school now for 6 weeks because this school year has been very stressful and very up and down. So i was happy year 10 was over, but am no way ready for year 11. Every single year, on the Friday we finish school, my family and i come to Plymouth. I love it there, its not too far away but the weather is always lovely when we go and super sunny! Where we stay in Plymouth is honestly one of my favourite places in the world. I find it so peaceful and relaxing as i spend my days chilling on the beach (which is about a 2 minute walk) or sunbathing in the garden. I love lying in the sun reading or listening to music and forgetting all of my worries, its such a relaxing place to be and being away, even if its still in the same country, is the best thing ever and makes me millions happier. We went into the centre of Plymouth to do some shopping and i went to primark, oops, and brought some gorgeous items that i cannot wait to share with you all soon!