My Week #15

Incase you didn't already know, i have been on holiday this last week. Every year we go down to Plymouth, its nowhere incredibly excting, but its honestly my favourite place.
Where we stay is wonderful, we have so many friends there but we only see them once a year when were all in Plymouth, so its so lovely to see everyone. I seem to forget everything that's on my mind when im there, its so peaceful and wonderful i always just feel so so happy!
The beach is literally a 30 second walk from where we all stay so i spend a lot of my time there. The sunsets are just stunning there and this year we all had a bbq on the beach, which was one of the loveliest things ever. I spend a lot of my time there on the beach, in the swimming pool or just sunbathing in the garden. I did a lot of sunbathing this year because i was aware of how pale i looked and i wanted to be a little more tanned, because i hate using fake tan.
The weather is always beautiful when we go to Plymouth so we usually go somewhere for the day, this year we went to Port Isaac which is one of the most beautiful places ever, its so stunning, although incredibly remote i still loved it there. We also spent one day in the centre of Plymouth shopping, there is a huge primark there and i picked up some lovely items that i will share with you all soon! However, one of the days there was a big thunderstorm and a lot of rain, so i spent the day catching up on blog emails and sorting lots of things out that i should have done ages ago, like my blog banner and writing lots of draft posts for when im unable to sit down and write but need to post something! I am so happy now ive done it, ive always wanted a cute blog banner as its the first thing anyone sees so i wanted it to be nice and show a taste of what my blogs about and the thing im most proud of is that i made it myself, yay for photoshop tutorials!
Ive had another fabulous week and keep your eyes out for multiple holiday what i wore today posts and hauls, ooo!!