Summer 2014 Fashion Shoot

I recently did a summer 2014 shoot with my sister wearing lots of summer styled items. I spent ages sorting through them and editing them. I have finally got round to sharing the final few with you today!!

Top - Primark (Last Year) £8
Shorts - New Look (Available Now) £14.99

Shorts - Tk Maxx £9.99
Kimono - Indigo £28
Top - Primark (Last Years )£8

Top - Indigo £34
Shorts - Primark (Available Now) £9
Daisy Chain Headband - Primark (Last Years) £2

Kimono - George @ Asda £9
Top - M&S Vests £5
Shorts - New Look £15

Dress - Mr.Price (South African Shop) £12.99
Shirt - Tommy Hilfiger £34
As i briefly said, all of the items that i know for certain i have labelled with last year, and all the items i have brought very recently i have put available now in brackets. All the items have either been brought a long time ago, therefore no longer available, or aren't fully stocked in all stores like the shorts from Tk Maxx. Thank you to my sister for  her absolutely great modelling skills!