Summer Holiday Clothing Packing List

Im currently on holiday and packing for me is always a chore, i hate it! If you are going abroad its a lot easier, you assume the weather will be sunny and hot and can pack accordingly, but staying in the UK is hard as the weather is so changeable, so packing proves harder!
 Im going on holiday for about 9 days, but i always pack more than i need because i change multiple times a day as i am always busy doing different things.

I like to bring a range of tops/blouses to cater for all occasions. I also tend to stick to very basic colours, like black, greys, whites and creams as they go with everything. I keep patterned tops to a minimum too. That way you get so many more outfits from just one top.

Jackets and Coats are fab for winter, but in summer you need something a lot lighter. Sometimes the days can still be a little chilly and you just need an extra thin layer. Kimonos are great for this, they are fashionable, light and add an extra something to your outfit. I packed two, one patterned and one plain. Also, this gorgeous light topshop jumper is perfect for those chillier evenings spent outside. You also cant go wrong with a small neutral coloured cardigan.

I'm not a huge fan of shorts, especially tight shorts, i just don't think they suit me very well. But i have found some gorgeous shorts recently and was sure to pack them. The shorts are a lot looser and comfier but they are also a fab length. To see the pink shorts on check out my post here.
I have also packed two skirts too because you cant go wrong with a skirt!

Longer lengthed items are a must! I have packed two dresses, both light and perfect for strolls down to the beach over a bikini. I also love maxi skirts for evenings with a small crop or blouses tucked in. They keep you a bit warmer and look lovely with some nice sandals.
So, here is a brief overview of the items i have packed for my week long holiday. Obviously i have missed out a few obvious things like bikinis or little cami tops, but this is a general outline.
There will also be a beauty and make up holiday packing list up on my blog soon, so keep your eyes out for that.