August 2014 Empties

Over the last couple of months i haven't done an empties post because i haven't actually used up that much and two or three items seemed like a silly amount to share so here are my june, july and august empties rolled into one.

Clearly this is a month for nivea products!

I finished using up my nivea toner and nivea cleanser this month. I use these both on a daily basis and they are so refreshing and removed all of my make up leaving my skin feeling clean and soft.
If you have read my blog for a while, you will know i used to love the simple range but i have found the nivea skin care is better for my skin and better value for money.
I also finished off my nivea dry confidence which is the best deodorant out there because its a dry anti-Perspirant so it doesn't stick or make you feel uncomfortable.

I also finished my two daily moisturisers. I never used to moisturise night and day but its made all the difference to my skin and i cant miss it out now. I actually dedicated a whole post to these two moisturisers where i spoke about how fab they are. You can read that post here!!

I also finished some skin system make up wipes, which are so cheap but they do the job. My make up fixing spray also finished this month, already been repurchased though because this makes all the difference to my make ups staying power and feels very fresh with its fruity scent.