Camp Bestival 2014

Last year we went to camp bestival see the post here from last time. So, ive just got back and i had such a wonderful time. The music line up wasn't anything totally special this year in my opinion, the headliners were basement jaxx, laura mvula, sophie ellis bextor, de la soul and james. However james is one of my favourite bands ever and even though i didn't like all the music i still had such an amazing time! (Sorry about the white borders, ive edited them all on whitgram on my phone and didn't crop them)

Being so incredibly close to laura muvula was incredible!! She was so amazing live and during it, i was actually stood behind her mum which was kinda cool?!

Kimono - Asda £8
Top - Primark £9
Shorts - Matalan £15

 The whole time the weather was absolutely beautiful and so sunny!

Me and my gorgeous little sister (who is actually shorter than me, lols)

I loved being in the woods they had there, it was all set with fake flowers, bunting and picnic blankets and it was just beautiful and so peaceful!

Watching James with my bestie Elin sporting some glow stick ears and glasses!
 It was so beautiful!! There was soo much to do there, loads of different things and i enjoyed it all!
Big love to these girls who i spent the time with there, we did the same last year and i want to the same next year too, it was so wonderful and i have honestly never laughed so much in four days!!!

On the last night after the closing act, they have some amazing fireworks which were just spectacular and a brilliant way to end the last few days!