DIY | Make Up Storage Covering

My make up draws are plain wood but because i usually have mascara and foundation over my hands and fingers in the morning when i do my make up it means that my draws tend to be covered in it, so i decided to cover them with some wall paper to make them look a little nicer.

Oops, this is a little blurry. Ok, so before my draws were just plain wood. They are actually from ikea and are so useful because they are quite deep.
If you want to see more about the storage ontop of my draws, read this post here!!

I emptied the contents from one of the draws, and then traced it onto the back of the wallpaper i had.
(I actually picked the wallpaper up from homebase, because you can have samples of wall paper, but i brought mine in a small roll in the clearance area)

I then cut them all out individually. The roll of wallpaper i used was obviously in a roll, so the pieces weren't flat, so if i did this again i would shut them tightly in a thick paperback book and place something heavy on them to flatten them out a bit.

After you have all of your pieces cut out place some blu tac on the corners or the areas that could curl up. You could use glue, but i wasn't sure if i would like it, so blu tac and cellotape was the best option.

 Then place them all down, securing all of the edges. This is a good time to add cello tape to the edges to secure it even more.

Then place the draws all back in. Im actually really pleased with how this looks and i love it. I also like how the pattern doesn't match up nicely, it looks a bit more quirky.