Haul #29 - Primark, New Look & w7 Make Up

This haul is a collection of the items i have brought over the past month or so, i've been waiting to write it but i just keep buying more, you see my problem?

I brought this gorgeous pj top from primark for just £4 and i've worn it loads already. It says 'sleep less, dream more' and i just think its super cute!

From the make up section in primark i picked up one of their brow pencils, i wanted it just for the spoolie end to comb through my eyebrows, but it turns out the pencil isn't to shabby either, its a little waxy but i really like it!
For £8 i picked up this gorgeous dress again from primark! Its absolutely stunning, i love it! The pattern caught my eye because its so colourful and striking. But the actual fit of the dress is very flattering too! To see me wearing this, search 'holiday outfits' in the search bar and it should be there.

I also brought these little pj shorts fo £6 and little grey shorts for chilled days at home for £3.

Another stunning dress that i brought from primark is this black patterned dress. I absolutely love it and its so simple but stunning! It was about £9 so such a bargain! To see me wearing this, search 'holiday outfits' in the search bar and it should be there.

On the way home from Plymouth we always stop at this massive store that sells literally everything you need! Along with a huge collection of make up and beauty products.
I brought this w7 'in the nude' Eyeshadow palette for £4.99, i will review it soon but its amazing!

I also stocked up on my favourite make up fixing spray for £1.99 and tried a new mascara from w7 called 'show stopper' for £1.49.

 I picked up 'the honey queen' blusher/highlighter from w7 for £1.99 which is beautiful! Along with a crème foundation for £2.79.

In the charity shop i brought this bag of products from the body shop containing some bath oil, body lotion and other nice things for just £2. It hasn't been opened either so its brand new!

I also brought this jacket for £2.25, it was half price in the sale but its so stunning and i love it so so so much!!
In the new look sale i brought this crop top for £4 and the pattern is lovely and the length of it is nice as it only shows a bit of your stomach and can be worn with long skirts too, i love it!
Today i picked up this gorgeous little box top! I love it so so much and saw it and had to pick it up, it was in the sale and was £8 reduced from £15. Its very bright, but i didn't think twice about buying it. I think it will look lovely with black leggings.