Haul #31 - Primark, New Look, River Island & More

 Ive been shopping crazy amounts this summer, but i have got another load of items to share with you all today.

In Primark I brought two cardigans, because i was in desperate need for some, i brought a 'oatmeal' shade one and a 'grey' coloured one. I brought them a few sizes bigger so they fit nicer and are a lot cosier. They were £6 each which is an absolute baragain! 
In New Look, you may have noticed ive acquired a bit of a love for new look recently in my hauls, this top was just £8 i think and i love it so much, the collar is the lovliest thing ever and i cannot wait to wear it more. Its also such a simple colour, its baby pink.
In my last haul i shared a pink jumper and i saw this one in the sale and had to buy it. Its exactly the same, but just blue and i love it, it was £8 in the sale.

I love river island earrings, they are cheap and look so lovely, they are also a nice size. I brought these hoop earrings from there recently, with small little crystals in the end on the hoop, i love them!

You may have noticed, from my outfit of the days, i hardly ever wear jeans. I hate the fit, i like skinny jeans but i find them so uncomfortable especially around the knees, they don't fit me nicely and i don't feel comfortable in them. BUT in the m&s sale i saw these for £15 and i brought them, i already have a pair the same, just a little darker, but these are fab!! They fit so nicely and i roll them up a little at the ankles and i love them!

In Boots, i repurcashed my favourite Micellar water because i have been lazy with my skin recently and been using make up wipes, but wanted to use something better for my skin so i picked this up.
I also got the aussie dual personality serum again because im running low.
Lastly from boots, i brought a spray hair lightener to try out and have used it three times so far and can already see a difference, this will be up in a trial Thursday post soon!!

I tried out some new frizz ease products as well, i got the calming crème, as well as the most fabulous oil elixir which i adore!!! I also got the touch up crème, but i love the calming crème more now!