Motivational Monday #8

Considering i started this series of post on my blog about a year ago, only having written 8 posts is a bit embarrassing hah! I also have no excuse because there have been about 50 Mondays, and ive only written on 8 Mondays. I am however determined to write more, the thing is Monday just goes so by and i totally forget.

I saw this while browsing pintrest and immediately pinned it because i loved it.
Its so short but if you think about it incredibly true and people don't do it enough.
I know i don't appreciate everything that everyone does for me but i know for a fact i would miss these things if they stopped. It doesn't have to be a big thing, i take a lot of things for granted and i want to be more appreciative of these things because im incredibly lucky.
So that's why i wanted to choose this quote for this week, its cute but needs to happen.
Today is the perfect opportunity to appreciate the little things that you take for granted, like having food on the table, having clean clothes and money to spend.

I've been spending a lot more time on pintrest recently, if you haven't heard of pintrest where have you been?! If you want to go and check out my page on pintrest and follow you can click here!!
I love how you can just choose to follow certain boards, so you don't have to follow to see everything, you can just choose something your interested in, i love it but its crazily addictive!!