My Week #16

It's summer and i have been so busy outside doing loads of different things, shopping has also been a big part of my week as well as babysitting.

On Thursday i met up with my gorgeous friend hattie, we haven't seen much of eachother out of school recently so it was lovely to see her again and have a lovely day. We went to the park and i was also babysitting on that day, so we chilled there. I also went to Tk Maxx, big mistake hah! No joking it was brilliant, but i don't have a lot of money left over,hah! I went in for a clear storage system so i could put some of my make up in them as i literally couldn't open my foundation draw, updated make up collection coming soon!! But while i was there, i stumbled across the most gorgeous floral trousers, i have an ootd with them soon and they will be in a haul too! On Saturday, i made the most delicious strawberry milkshake ever!! I photographed all the steps and will post a recipe soon, as it was the nicest and i have to share it with you all. My mum recovered the box at the end of my bed for me as the other fabric was getting a bit tired, so i needed some new fabric.
Then today, i went to boots intending to purchase one mascara, then there was an offer, buy something else from the same brand half price, so i had to right? Then just as i was going to pay, i saw a rimmel introductory stand where their new products were discounted as an introductory offer, so i brought two things from there too, yeah i need to stop shopping like now.