My Week #17

Its sunday afternoon and that can only mean one thing, its time to write my 'my week' post sharing pictures and wrting about what delights ive been up to in the week.
I love writing this post on a sunday every week, or most if i remember, because its so nice to sit down and remember all of the lovely things ive been up to over the week.
Sometimes because it goes so fast you never really stop to appreciate all the little things.

So, on Tuesday, my two favourite people came round, Lucy and Karla. We set up the tent in the garden and i put loads of blankets, cushions and food in there and we spent the day in there chatting about everything and laughing, i cried of laughter multiple times!! It was so lovely to see them both again and i had a fabulous time! On Wednesday i went shoppigng, yipeee!!! Every year my nan takes me, my sister and mum to the best shopping area ever to buy us our school shoes for next year and there are loads of outlets there, basically the same shops just crazy cheap. I picked up about 5/6 different things and i have planned a haul for next week so keep your eyes peeled for that.On Thursday i chilled, didn't really do a lot, sometimes its just nice to relax for a bit. On Friday my friend dan came round for a little bit while he was nearby and we chatted in the garden and had a fab time catching up. On Saturday i brought some 4x6 photo paper and spent the afternoon setting my printer up to print on that size paper and then chose some of my favourite photos to print off, i went a little crazy but i brought 150 sheets for £3 so i thought it was a good idea. I also brought some canvas' and created something on there, again a post will be up soon. I also covered my make up draws, same applies there. Then today i went for a little walk by myself, honestly nothing beats that in my opinion. Its nice to have some fresh air, it stops me worrying and helps me just think, without sounding pathetic i do really like being alone occasionally just thinking about life, lols don't judge me ;)