My Week #18

So we have one week left of the summer, which makes me crazily sad because i have loved this summer loads. Although i literally cannot wait for autumn/winter, the colder months where im wrapped up in coats, gloves, scarves wearing boots are my favourite.

This week i seem to have literally done nothing, but its been good none the less.
I took lots of blog pictures this week and drafted a lot of posts for when im too busy to sit down and write you guys still get your post to read. My sister straigtned my hair for me, which was an experience to say the least, lols. I really dis liked it and didn't think it suited me at all, i guess im just used to crazy curly hair. But yeah it was fun and i was amazed at how long my hair actually is when its straight. I went shopping this week as well, i definetly haven't been at all yet this summer. Joking ive lieterally been shopping 75% of this summer. But i have a haul for you so its all good yeah?
On Thursday it was results day, i only took three exams this summer, but still had to get my results and i passed, i got a B and i was so happy. I went up to Bristol twice this week, first shopping with my mum. The second time i went up on the train with my bestest friends on Thursday for a meal. We went to nandos and got some delicious food. I had such a wonderful time and laughed a lot!!
Im super busy next week and cannot wait for the last week. Im actually not too concerned about going back to school either, normally i hate it but im looking forward to it and getting back into more of a routine and that means autumns coming, which means my birthday!!!