My Week #19

This week has been another super busy yet really chilled week. With it being the last week of the summer, i wanted to make sure i was making the most of the sunshine and getting outside and keeping myself busy.

On Tuesday i spent the day with my friend ellie and we just chilled and chatted. We also both got nominated to do the als ice bucket challenge so we both did this. It was super freezing but refreshing and its all for charity so its all good.
I then spent Tuesday evening with all my friends at someones party, it was so fun and lovely to see everyone and just have a nice time. I stayed over at my friends hatties with my other friend lucy and we spent Wednesday playing gta, making forts and eating sweets and spaghetti. Yeah it was pretty awesome and defintley one of the best days so far.
The rest of the week was spent at home, shopping, photographing for blog photos, completing homework and sorting things in my room out. I redid my photo wall, sorted out my pinboard, beauty draws and then gave my wardrobe a much needed clean which i am so pleased i did. I colour co-ordinated it and will be writing a blog post all about it soon. Then last night we went over to wales for a friends texas themed barbeuq which was so lovely and the food was incredibly delicious.