Review | Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang

I never brought these lip lacquers when they first hit the shops, but i finally did! I found this one in poundland, so i saved myself a good £5.50 which i was super happy with hah!

So, this lip lacquer is available in boots for £6.50 and they have a wide range of dark reds to beautiful nudes like luna (that's the next one im eyeing up).
I have never been one for lipsticks, let alone lip glosses but i was desparate to try one so when i saw this for £1 i just had to get it and im honestly very impressed.
I have it in shade 'Big Bang'. All the names are sort of 'space' names for example, nude eclipse, luna and galaxy. I think that's so cool and very quirky.
The staying power of these is insane!! They last forever and don't dry your lips out at all. They have such a gorgeous gossy finish i was incredibly pleased with. My only little grudge would be taking it off, its hard work and does stain a little, not a lot and it wears of after a while, but its defintley one for a long day or evening. I love it and cant wait to try more of the range!