The Edit | Primers

I must admit, i always thought primers were for those people who had too much time on their hands to get ready and added an extra unnecessary step into their make up routine. How wrong i was!!
Using a primer is now an added essential step in my make up routine that i do not want to miss out!
I have noticed a dramatic difference in the time my make up stays for when using a primer. So i have picked out my current favourite primers to talk to you all about now.

I adore this NYC primer. I brought it from Superdrug fairly recently and fell in love! Its not a silicone based primer so it is more liquidy, i like to think of it as a super light moisturiser kind of texture. It has a slight shimmer to it, that when applied to your face does make you look very illuminated, i wouldn't want to apply this on its own, but underneath foundation it works a dream.
It makes your skin look so amazing, because of the luminous effects it makes your skin look very radiant and highlighted, i love it! It definitely extends the wear of my foundation and evens out the complexion of your skin and makes it a lot more even.
This product comes in shades that match your skin, for the clear primer (the one i use) you will need to purchase shade 384.


So, my other favourite primers i have 'grouped together' because they are really similar. Unlike the NYC primer, the w7 camera Ready and Seventeen Photo Flawless are silicone based primers. They are like an added layer, i prefer silicone primers because they feel a lot smoother on your skin, leave it feeling softer and give a much much smoother base! Because they are an added layer then reduce the appearance of pores and lines on your face because unlike the nyc primer they don't sink into your face, obviously not literally sink, but these just settle as another layer on top.
Again, both of these primers dramatically increase the staying power of my foundation and i highly recommend purchasing a primer if you want longer lasting, smoother and flawless foundation.