Trial Thursday #4 Sun In Hair Lightner Part 1

I've always wanted blonde highlights in my hair, but have always been too nervous about runining my hair or just absolutely hating it! So, i looked into purchasing a hair lightner but in a spray.
I read a lot of reviews before hand and wanted to purchase the lee Stafford spray, but you didn't get a lot and it was quite a lot. The reviews were also incredibly mixed, some saying it dried their hair out. So i found this one, i actually found the extreme version online but in the shop i saw they had a gentle version and i thought that would be better to purchase instead. So im going to try it out for a bit and tell you what i think.


I wanted to take photos of my hair before i use it. This way, hopefully, i can compare the difference.
As you can see, i already have a few blonder streaks in my hair, this is totally natural and down to the sun but underneath my hair is quite dark.

With the spray itself, you put it on freshly wet washed hair and then you spray it on where you want it. You could either spray it on a few strands or just all over and then use a comb. It also gets lighter each time you use it. Im a little nervous to use it, because i don't want to go blonde, not that i expect this spray gives you that. But it is permanent, so im going to use it when i wash my hair. I would rather it take a little longer and i do it slowly and gradually, than rush it all and hate it!