Haul #32 - Tk Maxx, New Look & More

I havent done a haul in a while now, so this ones quite a big one with lots of items of clothes that i don't really need hah!!
Sorry this is slightly blurry, but this dress is incredible. I actually brought it from the charity shop for just £5. It was originally £13 from Primark as the labels were still on. Its so beautiful and i have already worn it, the shape is so flattering and i adore the colour.

Ive wanted a shirt like this for a really long time and i thought i should treat myself considering that autumn is just around the corner. This is from Tk Maxx and was £12.99. I got it a few sizes too big so that it will be a bit cosier and still fit under a coat and cardigan without feeling tight.

Ive also wanted a dress like this for such a long time, but never found one i really loved. this one however i adore. its from new look and is £7 in the sale, i love it and it will look fabulous in the winter with some tights, boots and a nice scarf.

In home bargains i picked up these little items. I got some of their pocket tissues becauase they come in the most adorable little pouch and are only 12p. I also got some heat protectant because i have been blow drying my hair and need to protect it for £3.99. I also got some simple eye make remover for £2.99.

Also in home bargains i got this shopping list notepad. It was just 59p and i have already used it to list the important things that i need and its come in very handy.
I also got three of the rimmel wake up me up radiance touch, basically cream blushers and highlighters. They are incredible and were just 70p.

From Matalan i brought this cardigan, its actually from the mens section, but its so nice and was just what i was looking for. It was just £12.

In asda i brought the real techniques blusher brush because ive wanted it for a while and it was reduced down to about £6 from £9 so i had to get it right?

I finished my herbal essences shampoo and conditioner the other day and i brought the aussie miracle moist shampoo, conditioner and hair mask which i cannot wait to use again.

Lastly, i brought this gorgeous pink blouse and i adore it, it was originally £14 but i got it for £8 and its such a pretty colour and a really nice flattering length.