How To | Colour Co-Ordinated Wardrobe

Its coming up to the time when summer clothes disappear out of my wardrobe and are replaced with clothes more suitable for autumn and winter. So i thought it would be a good idea to photograph what i did in order to sort it all out to help you guys out and give you some tips on how to colour co-ordinate your wardrobe. I find its much easier to do this as its great to see everything a lot clearer.

First off, empty it all out. I also took everything off the hangers as its a lot easier.

Then arrange the clothes into colour groups. I tend to have a few piles, but it varies on what the most occurring colours are. I have a black, grey, white and cream, dark and light blue, yellow and green, pinks and reds.

Then choose one colour and arrange into items, like trousers, tops, dresses. this is good if you still want your items organised in type and colour. I use this to space it all out and have a few trousers between tops and dresses mixed in too.

Then place them into the wardrobe. I always use as much room as i can, then push it all back. This is good to sort exactly where you want items to hang.
All you have left to do now is just repeat the last two steps for each colour.