My Week #20

It seems like so much has happened since i did my last my week post, this has gone so quickly and ive been so busy.

So, we started back at school again. Ive had such a hetic week already and this is my exam year so i will have even more soon. I spent my evenings relaxing outside reading and doing homework. Then on Wednesday evening i went to my bestest friend Tom's house then went out for a meal for his birthday and that was so lovely. Then this weekend i went up to Oldbury on Severn in gloucsester. It was in the middle of nowhere so incredibly peaceful and lovely. We stayed with my parents friends and they had a couple of dogs so i spent the days walking them and just enjoying being out in the fresh air. It was lovely to clear my head and relax.
This weeks been pretty slow and i haven't done a lot so sorry for the lack of posts.