My Week #21

This week has been another lovely, super busy week. I spent the evenings after school doing homework and coursework, so nothing exciting really. However on one day this week me and my friends were able to leave school to visit somewhere to do some work and that was so much fun.
But this weekend has been fabulous. Me and my family went up to Oakham in Rutland to stay with my parents friends. I has such a wonderful time despite the 4 hour car journey to get there.
Saturday was spent near rutland water. It was wonderful and i hade such a great time. We cycled 18 miles around the water, it was amazing. I really enjoyed it, cycling isn't my favourite thing in the world but i actually loved every minute of it and it was so nice to just be outdoors and have time to think and sort my head out. The views were spectacular and it was so scenic. At the end we stopped off for at the pub for a drink and it was a perfect way to end the day . Then today was just spent travelling home in the car and i did a bit of shopping too, which was wonderful.