My Week #22

After last weekend being super busy and crazily hetic. This week was a chilled one that involved lots of time at home relaxing and catching up on coursework, homework and blog posts.
Nothing excting happened in the week really, after school was all the same. Get home, work, eat, work and sleep. Pretty boring but seems to be the standard evening for me now.
On Saturday i went into town to do a spot of shopping and finding items for my birthday list which is super super super excting!!! In the evening we had a little party and set up all the candles and the fire in the garden, it all looked so so lovely and i had such an incredible time!
On Sunday i did all the homework i spent Saturday procrastinating about and avoiding. I also went on a little walk with my sister and she helped me take some of my blog outfit photos which will be up soon!! So yeah, that's it for another week!