September 2014 Monthly Favourites

I've been loving very similar products this month to the ones that i mentioned last month, but about 5 products have stood out to me more than any others and these are my September favourites

  • Rimmel Wonder 'full Mascara - I recently review this beauty here, you here ) Its honestly the most amazing mascara ive ever brought in my life. It separates the lashes beautifully and gives volume and length. I adore it and have used it every day since buying it.
  • Honolulu Bronzer by W7 - I always fall in and out of love with this bronzer and i am totally in love with it at the moment. Its too dark to bronze your face with it, but for light contouring its fabulous and works so well, i love it.
  • Rimmel Wake Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch - I feel i mention this every single month but i really cant get enough of them, i love this one to highlight my cheekbones and have been using it so much this month, its fab!

  • Charles Worthington Front Row Blow Dry Spray - Since drying my hair more recently i have been using this and i love it. It gives me so much volume and smells absolutely insanse, is so brilliant and i cant get enough of it, i love it .
  • Sun In Gentle Hair Lightener - I trial Thursday reviewed this recently and i haven't been able to stop using it, oops, i just love it so much. My hair has gone from a dark brown to a light brown/blonde in the last few weeks and its all down to this and i love it and am super pleased.