Trial Thursday #4 - Sun In Hair Lightner Part 2

In the last trial Thursday post i spoke about a new spray in hair lightner that i as using.
I showed some pictures of my hair before using the spray and now is time to share with you all my thoughts and results from using it. I can honestly say, im very impressed!!

As you can see there is a massive difference in the overall colour of my hair. Its taken me from a dark brown to a lighter brown with a lot more blond highlights. I love it.
The spray itself and how it works is amazing. Its so quick and simple to use. You spray it on wet hair and then either blow dry or just let your hair dry naturally in the sun as the spray is heat activated.
My only tips would be to really think about how you want it to turn out in the end and read the instructions on how to get the desired look.
On the first use i noticed no change, then the next time and the third time i noticed a massive difference. I think its better to be slow and it take a lot longer and you have it just how you want because i did rush it but luckily its turned out exactly how i wanted it to. But yes, take it slowly and be careful how much you use as its permanent.
I have noticed my hair is a little drier, but i don't know if that's totally down to this. But using a hair mask once a week has dramatically reduced that.
I used the gentle version for 'subtle looking highlights' rather than the extreme which gives you 'instant highlights' so decide which is best. Im so impressed and love it.