Bedroom Tidy Up

Back in april i did a room tour, you can check it out here , my room has changed a considerable amount since then as im constantly rearraging it. But im not ready to do another room tour just yet because im not quite happy with it. But a few days ago i tidied up one area of my room and wanted to share it with you all.

I love this little part of my room although it always seems to be a bit of a mess. I tend to leave things on here because i don't know where else to put them and because its in the middle of the back wall its one of the first things you see.

So, i emptied everything off the table, took the cushions off, moved it all out, hovered behind and dusted the table and gave it a good clean.

 As i don't tend to sit on this chair lots i choose to put some of my favourite cushions on there for show more than comfort. They take up most of the room on my chair but i don't usually sit there so its not a huge problem, it looks a lot neater now.

On my table i placed the things i really needed and wanted there. Instead of having a large set of fake flowers i cut them down and placed them in an ikea pot. I love these pots. I have four, i keep pens, flowers and my make up brushes in them. Candles also look lovely in them. Underneath the pot i have placed four books. These are the books i look at occasioanly, they aren't necessarily reading books, more like quick reference books. I also have a hand cream and room mist from the matching line ' la maison de scenteurs'.

I'm much happier with how it looks now and i am determined to keep it tidy from now on!!