DIY | Homemade Strawberry Milkshake

I'm super excited to share this recipe with you all, i wrote about making a strawberry milkshake in a 'my week' post a while back and now im sharing this super simple recipe with you all now.

You Will Need (to make 1) -
- 100g of strawberries
- one teaspoon of sugar
- 250ml of milk
- 2 scoops of ice cream

Begin by hulling the strawberries (removing the tops) The cut them into smaller pieces

Then wash them to remove any pestices or bugs that may have been on the strawberries when they were grown.

Next measure out 250ml of cold milk

Get one scoop of ice cream. Either strawberry, vanilla or Cornish ice cream tastes lovely with it.

Then add the strawberries, milk, ice cream and sugar into a container read to blend it all together.

Then use a hand held electric mixer to blend it all together, Its important to keep blending so that there are no cut strawberries, they need to all be mixed in together.

Then pour it into a glass of your choice

I then added some ice cream and extra strawberries onto the top. Add the extra ice cream first, then place the strawberries ontop of the ice cream otherwise the strawberries will sink.