How To | Contour & Highlight

After contouring and highlighting my face for about the last seven months, i think im finally ready to show you all how i do it. By contouring and highlighting you add more definition to your face and more depth. 
So, the whole point of contouring is to make the bones look deeper into your skin. You use contour powder/cream for this. Its probarly best not to use a bronzer, unless you want a much more natural look. As bronzers are designed to 'bronze' not 'contour'.
Highlighting is used to make parts of your face stand out more. You can either use a cream or powder here again. I use both, but powders are a lot easier and quicker. Just be aware of the shimmer that could be in the powder.
For your benefit i have edited arrows onto my face, hah. This is to basically show you where to put the highlight/contour powder. Contour arrows are just the plain arrows. You should draw an 'E' when contouring. Meaning, a bit at the top of your head, from your ear to your mouth and some under your jaw to make that stand out.
The highlight arrows have the little cool ends. Its recommended to do a 'C' with highlight. A bit over the top of your cheek bones, slightly above your eyebrow and down the centre of your nose.
You put the highlight powder on the top parts of your face.

To contour and highlight i use wilko blusher/contour brush which is super fab! Or i use the real techniques contour brush with the sleek contour kit. Its super easy to use and only has a highlight and contour shade in there. Its compact, small and lasts forever!!
You can read my review on it  here!!

I have found that contouring and highlighting my face has made such a big difference and i feel lost without it. Its better to start off lightly and add, rather than putting loads on and over doing it.