My New Favourite App

Im addicted to my phone, its bad hah! But i use it for everything, for staying in touch with my friends, tweeting, posting pictures, shopping, reading and organising. However, recently i found an app called 'Mallzee' .


It's an incredible personal stylist/shopping app. It basically finds clothes that are suited to you, you can adjust this by the filters to decide the price range, colours and even brands.
You can create collections of clothes for every occasion like parties and meals etc.

You can buy, share or save outfits for inspiration at a later date or just to see when it gets reduced at all, my personal favourite feature.
The 'swipe view' is great to see what your style is, clothes are shown by the filters and then you decide if you like it or not to save into a gallery, its fab!

My favourite feature is definitely the inspiration page as many bloggers are featured on there as well as the latest trends and brands that are featuring.

This app is free and available to download now, go and download it and get inspired!!