My Week #25

Another incredible week has passed, this one really has been fab!!
I think i mentioned a couple of posts ago, but me and my dearest friend Elsa were planning to have a joint birthday party!! So, on Tuesday i went round to hers to drop off all of the stuff for Friday night, including all the fairy lights, disco lights and excessive amounts of pizza!!
On Friday it was the party and i honestly had one of the best nights of my life, it was soo good!!
I was surrounded by all of my friends and wouldn't have changed it for the world. Everyone said they had a great time and that was my worry but people said they really enjoyed it which was fab.
I really enjoyed it, although not loving the bruise on my foot from my gorgeous heels that i wore.
I stayed the night at Elsa's and on Saturday me and my girls just chilled around and chatted and it was really lovely, i then came home and unpacked everything and got down to some homework.
Today i wanted to just chill out, so i did some homework and then i went for a walk on my own in the park. It was honestly so lovely, the leaves were all autumny and it was incredibly chilly, which meant i could get out my favourite scarf in the world from Liberty! I also took a few blog pictures today for some posts next week which is super exciting!