My Week #27

An incredibly late overdue week post here, i meant to write this sunday evening but was soo busy! Then yesterday wizzzed past. But anyways!
This week has been lovely, the last week of school has gone and im left with tons of homework and revision to do for mock exams mid November. On Friday i went to my friends party which was soo lovely with all my friends, i had such a great time! Then 7 of my bestest friends stayed over at my house. We made the lounge area into a big matress with duvets, pillows, blankets and fairy lights. We stayed up talking for a few hours and ive never felt so content with everything it was soo lovely.
On Saturday morning we woke up and had loads to eat for breakfast! I spent the rest of the day sorting out my bedroom, tidying up and getting ready for sunday.
On sunday it was my birthday and all my family came round for lunch and i had such a lovely day with loads of presents that ill be sharing soon! But yes, this weeks been lovely!!