The No Make Up Tag

I've been considering doing this tag for a while now, i saw it on someones blog and thought it would be a good idea. But then i rembered how my face looks without make up.
I honestly hate it, i don't have bad skin, i have no acne or anything like that so in that respect im incredibly lucky. But i do have uneven skin tone. I have areas of redness on my skin, particualry where you apply blusher, so to the apples of your cheeks and im super conscious of it. After applying moisturiser my skin is less red, so i took the photo right after that, clever hey! But then i thought 'man up'. Basically yeah, no i thought there are bigger problems in the world than a little but of redness on my skin so i've decided to do the no make up tag and tag you all to do it as well!

1- What is one make up product you couldn't live without?

Foundation. No doubt about it, to cover up the redness (that you guys cant see in the photo, thank you contrast editing) foundation works wonderfully and gives me much more confidence. Although, i have no eyelashes basically, so mascara makes me eyes look a lot bigger and nicer but i could live without that for sure.

2 - What is one make up product you can live without?

I would probably say lipstick, i rarely wear it and am always worried about it wearing off, so i avoid it altogether. But out of products i use daily, i would say my eyebrow pencil/shadow as i don't have sparse eyebrows a i haven't over plucked them in any area, so i could live without that.

3- Do you feel confident without make up on?

Nope! Defintley not, i think wearing make up makes you realise how different you look without it and i pick out the negatives more without it on my face. I guess im more conscious about what others think. I once cried all my make up off at school because of everything getting too much and my friends were there so it was ok but i was so conscious of everyone looking at me, although they weren't, you just get paranoid so i don't feel confident without it.

4- Which part of your face do you like the most?

This is a bit of a weird question, i don't particularly 'like my face' so i don't want this to sound crazy big headed at all. This is hard as i don't know if its 'part of your face' or 'feature' im going to go with a mix. Possibly my eyelashes, although they are short and not very long, they are naturally dark and applying mascara is fairly easily.

5- Where is one place where you will never go without make up on?

It depends i guess. School i think, i just don't feel very confident at all.

6- Where is one place where you can go without make up?

I don't want to sound like i cant go anywhere without make up, i can. But i feel more confident with it. I can go anywhere without it, i feel more confident going to asda without it, lols, just food shopping in general because i don't really care too much in there.

7- Would you rather go without make up for one week or let a friend do it for you?

Defo a friend!! I couldn't do a whole week, i would let my friend do it and just tell them what i would like them to do for me i guess,hah!