DIY | Quote Canvas Making

The other day while i was shopping, i saw two 20cm x 20cm canvases, they were 75p each and i picked them up because i wanted to do something, i wasn't quite sure what, but when i had an idea, thank you pintrest, i thought i would take some photos to share with you all.

I made two 'quote canvases' i chose two of my favourite quotes ever, printed them off and stuck them on, its quite easy actually but i love how it looks.

You Will Need
- canvases
- printer and photo paper
- ruler and guillotine
- cellotape or super glue

Instead of choosing the quote images because i didn't want coloured backgrounds or stretched images. I typed them up instead in some different fonts on google drive .

I then measured the paper to fit onto the canvases and then used the guillotine to cut it down. You could obviously use scissors but im not a neat cutter and i wanted the lines to be straight as well!

I then rolled cellotape and placed it in the corners and the centre and then placed it onto the canvas.
I decided i wanted to put my canvases together so i used super glue and pressed them together and held it for a few minutes tightly to secure it.
If you do this, make sure the quotes are the right way up and not upside down when you glue the canvases together.