Haul #34 - Dunelm & H&M

A bit of a boring haul, mainly home ware necessities!
I brought this gorgeous blue/grey jumper from H&M its super light and thin so fantastic for layering and i love it!

In pound stretcher, i brought two of these medium bamboo baskets to store all of my shower gels, bath products and body stuff in. they were only £3.99 and look lovely next to eachother on my high shelf. I also got this wicker heart, i have a small one but i wanted another for my door, this was 99p.

In Dunelm, i brought this letter rack for £3.99. I wanted one for ages to store all of my loose sheets i get from school and for homework just to keep it all on one place and this one is lovely, I also like how there are two sections and the divider can be taken out if you want.

Its autumn and that means candles and being cosy, so i brought two sets of 30 tea light candles for my room, these were £1.50 each and have a burning time of 3-4 hours.

I got some fabric hangers, these are in packs of 5 and are £2.49 each. These are great as clothes don't slip off and they are really thin meaning you can have more hangers which means more clothes.

I wanted a new bed sheet for winter that's a more autumnal colour rather than my usual baby pinks and light blues. I brought sheets for £8.99 and a double pillowcase for £3.99