My Soap & Glory Collection

I am a huge soap and glory fan so i have decied to share with you all of the products that i own from soap and glory. It is known as 'an affordable' beauty product range and although the prices are a little more than i would like, you get your moneys worth and they last for ages. But you do get a lot for your money and lasts along time.

I own so much this is crazy!! But i can honestly say, there isn't one soap and glory product that i have purchased and been disappointed by, they are all amazing!

Clean On Me Shower Gel - £6
Clean On Me Shower Gel Mini -£2.50
Scrub Of Your Life Mini -£2.50

Sugar Crush Body Wash - £6.50
Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion - £10

Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath - £6.50
Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath Mini - £2.50

The Righteous Butter - £10.50
Girligo Body Lotion Spray - £5

Glow All Out Highlighter - £11 read review here

Heel Genius - £7
Hand Food - £7