My Week #28

This week has been super busy but really fun! In the week, on Wednesday, it was bonfire night so we had some fireworks with all our friends in the neighbourhood and ate some delicious food! Then on Friday after school i went to my bestest friend lucys house, we went to the village firework display and i loved it, then we went back to hers with some friends and watched a scary film and ate chips. We stayed up for ages and had a massive heart to heart and it was so lovely to get everything off my chest and i felt a lot happier. I stayed over and on Saturday we revised and did some homework, in the afternoon we went for a lovely autumn walk and i really really enjoyed walking round all cosy in my scarf and coat in the autumn leaves. We went back to hers and got ready for a party that evening, we went to the party and had a lovely time! I stayed over again and had such a lovely time, then this morning came home to lots of work and things to catch up on.
This week and especially weekend has been lovely and one i'll remember forever.